Its source, Its power (the title and sub-title from an essay by Joan Didion)

But, Along With Your Motivated Abilities, Knowing How To Go It Alone Is Also The Secret To Getting There

And a Reminder of How What You’ve Accomplished in the Past Can Help You in the Present to Create the Future You Aspire To

  1. I like his work.
  2. I like the story behind how he became an artist.

Your Objective: To Fall Passionately in Love With the Person You Are Describing in Your Letter.

Stories of Acts of Kindness that Led to a Community of Caring and Connectivity

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

Imagining Silver Linings in the Future Makes Them Feel Scarce and Leads to Appreciating Them More in the Present

Photo from The Old Vic Theatre, London (From a production of A Christmas Carol)

Carmel O' Reilly

WorkLife Learning Practitioner & Writer. Telling people’s powerful stories of WorkLife struggles and successes. Author of School Of WorkLife Books.

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